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Turn up the heat in the harsh of winter

Chicagoland winters are not for the faint of heart, and that includes your heating system. From emergency furnace repair to routine maintenance to building the perfect heating solution for your home, IMS will make sure you are prepared to face a long, harsh midwest winter.

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24/7 Service & Repair

Are you able to keep a consistent temperature throughout your house? Is your heating system able to heat the house to match your lifestyle? You may be able to heat your home more efficiently to maximize the value of your equipment and save money.


We offer 24/7 emergency service and repair to make sure your furnace is efficiently and effectively heating your house. Regardless of the make and model of your furnace, our expert team of technicians can diagnose the issues and quickly get your system working again. 


We will make sure your equipment is configured correctly, running smoothly and that you are maximizing the performance and life of your investment.

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There are many options to customize a heating solution specifically to how you live and not every solution is right for your home. We make it easy by providing expert recommendations to replace your heating system and furnace that are customized to the design of your house and the lifestyle of your family. 


We can provide a range of options to find a heating system that works best for your family and your budget. Our technicians will expertly install your new system quickly and configure it to create a dependable heating experience that will keep your house warm and toasty.  


We will make sure your equipment is configured correctly, running smoothly and that you are maximizing the performance and life of your investment.

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Heating issues are often the result of improper maintenance resulting in preventable breakdowns. 


We offer a worry-free maintenance package that removes the stress of maintaining your furnace and extends the life of your hardware. Our expert service technicians will manage your heating and cooling maintenance schedule and perform systematic checks and routine maintenance that will keep your systems working properly and potentially save you from costly breakdowns.


And, by scheduling your annual maintenance, you’ll get a 10% discount on all service work. Call us to start your annual maintenance program today.

Heating Products

At IMS we service and sell all makes and models of furnaces, thermostats, and heating system components. 


We often recommend industry-leading manufacturers like American Standard but we remain ever-committed to providing you with the best possible equipment recommendations to match the needs of your family, your house, and your budget.

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Stop Worrying About Maintaining Your Furnace!

Let us do it for you. Schedule your annual maintenance package today and we’ll handle all the cleaning, upkeep, maintenance, and inspection of your AC unit and Furnace. Call us today: (630) 256-8414

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